Spanish Property predictions 2019

Check back next year to see how many come true.  1. Stronger sales in Murcia province due to the opening of Corvera airport.  2. Stronger sales in Valencia city as people look beyond Madrid and Barcelona. 3. Brexit – UK reaches a EFTA deal agreement and a reciprocal healthcare deal with Spain. Spanish property market […]

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TINSA market report October 2018

The valuations compiled by TINSA have been suggesting a good return on investment for property investors. With property prices predicted to increase siggificantly in most areas. Where are prices rising the most ? According to Tinsa, property prices in Spain are rising fastest in the big cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia…) at a whooping 8.3% interannually […]

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Supreme Court rules that Banks, not Clients must pay Mortgage Tax

On the 16th of October the Spanish supreme court ruled that banks rather than property purchasers should pay the AJD (Actos Jurídicos Documentados), tax on mortgages. This overturns the Supreme Court’s own ruling from February. The court reasoned by 15 – 13 that it is the banks, not the buyer that benefit from the mortgage […]

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5 things to bear in mind

Shoes on a wire. – You may have seen shoes hanging over a wire before and wondered what it means,  Well, it can signify that drugs are sold in the vicinity. So bear this in mind if you are being shown a property in an area where you see shoes on a wire. Urbanistic Infraction […]

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Property price rises accelerating

It’s not just the The TINSA 2018 second quarter report predicts a national interannual price rise of 6.6% but there are significant variations The average price in Spain * stands at € 1,328 / m2 and has grown b 10.9% since the first quarter of 2015. House Price revovery continues Despite everything, housing remains at […]

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Corvera Airport opens to passenger air traffic in December 2018

The long anticipated opening of the international airport at Corvera, Murcia is due to open to passenger air traffic in December 2018. It’s already possible to book flights to Corvera Airport from Leeds-Bradford and Manchester Airports, via Jet2. Corvera Airport has been designated with the code RMU The airport at San Javier, Murcia (MJV) will […]

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Property Running Costs

Running a property in Spain is considerably cheaper than IBI SUMA (council tax) – This is levied by the municipality where the property is located.  The rate de Community charge – Not all properties are on communities and as such do not incur a communal charge. For properties that form part of communities […]

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Reciprocal Residency Rights

It is in the mutual interest of the UK and Spain to establish  767 total views

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