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I was born at the start of the UK´s famous hot endless summer of 1976. During her pregnancy, my mother had cravings for oranges, so perhaps Spain was in my blood even before I was born.

I was lucky enough to holiday in Spain as a child every year. My parents would load up the car and we would drive down to dover, cross the channel on the ferry and even the hovercraft on a few occaisions. I remember one particularly rough crossing back from Calais to Dover, which took 5 hours because of a force 11 storm in the channel. There were lots of football fans on board and many of them had been sick. There was sick everywhere.

At school I did a year of Spanish but when it came to choosing my GCSEs I choose French on the basis that we had to do one Foreign language and that

I live on the Sea Front in Torrevieja,Alicante  a town ubciqoitously associated with property develpment.

At university I studied

Into the big wide world

I ran the company’s website and as the company grew

In September 0f 2016, together with a colleague . It was stressful and a big step up

The brexit vote approached and it seemed that everyone I spoke to thought it was a forgone thing and that we would vote to stay in

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