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TINSA market report October 2018

The valuations compiled by TINSA have been suggesting a good return on investment for property investors. With property prices predicted to increase siggificantly in most areas.

Where are prices rising the most ?

According to Tinsa, property prices in Spain are rising fastest in the big cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia…) at a whooping 8.3% interannually and along the Mediterranean coast.

Capitals and big cities: 8.3%
Metropolitan Areas: 3.8%
Mediterranean Coast: 6%
Balearics and Canarys: 4.5%
Other Municipalities: 0.9%

Rising the least, smaller towns in inland areas.

Prices are still 37% off peak prices

TInsa Report October 2018 (Spanish)

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Property Running Costs

Running a property in Spain is considerably cheaper than

IBI SUMA (council tax) – This is levied by the municipality where the property is located.  The rate de

Community charge – Not all properties are on communities and as such do not incur a communal charge. For properties that form part of communities the charge is set by the community itself often in conjunction with a company that manages the community – Administración de fincas.

Electricity – Electricity is general contracted through Iberdrola. Electricity Tey offer online billing and

When you buy a new property

Water – Normally metered

To change the name on a water contract you will need a valid Habitation Certificate

Rubbish Collection – This is normally included in your water bill but not always.

Sewage –


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Property Real Estate

Collaborating agents

Collaboration between estate agents in Spain is increasingly common.

There exist a number of real estate collaboration networks that facilitate collaboration between estate agents.

There are essentially two parts to an Estate Agent’s job:

  1. Listing a property for sale
  2. Finding a buyer

Many agents now collaborate recognising that doing so has effects a net increase in the number of transactions.

This benefits everyone. A seller has access to more buyers. Buyers have access to more properties. Agents who work together sell more properties.



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