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Spain has a wide variety of en

Making a mistake when choosing where to buy is an expensive one. It’s really important to make the right decision.

Choosing where to buy in Spain

  • Lifestyle
  • Expat Lifestyle – Do you want to live amongst fellow english speakers or would you prefer to go native. Be realistic about your chances
  • Distance from airport – Do you plan to travel or expect
  • Distance from the beach –
  • Property size vs Location – What’s more important a
  • Plot size – Do you want a big garden, a hobby farm, some where to keep animals, grow your own food, perhaps produce your own wine or just space to feel free.
  • Golf – For some golf is a
  • Climate – Spain offers a range of climates from arid desert to mountain villages. The rain battered North west to the idyllic South East. The semi-tropical Canaries.

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  The Southern Slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range are dotted with beautiful villages. This area is known as the Alpujarras.

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Spaniards themselves have a preference for living in cities and property in cities tends

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Spain has two island archipelgoes, The Balearics in the Mediterranean and the Canaries in the Atlantic

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