Choosing a location to buy a property in Spain?

If you are planning on buying abroad, Spain is a particularly popular choice for foreign buyers. In fact over the last 25 years, it is the world’s most popular destination for overseas purchasers. However even when you have narrowed it down to Spain, the choice of where to buy is still complex. It comes down to what you want from the property and the lifestyle afforded by the surrounding area and community you choose to buy into. There are many different factors to consider and we’ll try and break it down for you in this article / survey.

You may know exactly what you want from your Spanish Property, but aren’t sure exactly where those “wants” would be best met.

Q1. Do you want to buy near where other people you know already have a property?

A1Y If your decision of where to buy in Spain is closely dependent on where friends and/or family have property, then it’s going to be depend on a how close you want to be from them.

Q1 a. The range will vary from “Right next door” to “Reasonable driving distance”.

What’s the latitude and longitude of where you want to be near and wha’s the maximum travel time you want be from there.

Q2: What is your reason for wanting to purchase a property in Spain ?

Investment vs Permanent Residence vs Semi-permanent vs Holiday Property vs Holiday Property/Investment

If it’s out and out investment there are good rental returns to be had and the potential for capital appreciation is also good in the right locations, but the entry and exit costs are high compared to other countries.

Permanent Residence

In many areas it might be worth considering whether leaving an isloated property unattended for extended periods is a good idea from a security perspective.


By semi-permannt we two to ten months of the year
Two months would effectively be a long holiday and elven months or more permanent(More than 183 X days is consider to be resident.
If you are planning on leaving the property empty, some people

Holiday Property
The property is for you to make maximum enjoyment of your holiday time.
Maintenance becomes an issue. A property that is unattended pipes leak, boilers break, gardens need attention. You don’t want to spend your valuable holiday time, fixing up the place.

Things to look for in a holiday property

Holiday Property/Investment
Using a property outside the peak period and renting it out during the peak summer months. It’s a well known secret that the best month of the year on the Costa Blanca is September. The crowds have thinned out, and in some places prices drop to reflect the drop in demand.

So you’re going to want a proeprty that you want to spend time in. It’s important to recognise your own wants.

Q3: Buzzing or Peaceful ?
The Spanish are famous for their gusto and this extends to fireworks and fiestas, church bells and processions, carnivals and car horns. Markets bring, traffic noise and smells as well as hustle and bustle which can also be fun. Nightspots are another source of consideration. To say that the spanish like to party late is an understatement. Early into the morning and beyond.   Beaches get crowded and parking gets fun.

Q4: Inland (Rural vs Semi-Rural) vs Coastal ?

Firstly these two aren’t mutual exclusive. It is possible to have a rural property close to the coast , they just aren’t very common and because of that they often demand a higher price.

In a general sense though, the more you go inland the easier it does find a more reasonably priced rural property.

Q5: Spanish Vs Expat ( and other foreigners) ?

Some people want to live in areas where there are fellow countrymen. Where it’s easy to make new friends and where learning the language isn’t a requirement. At the other extreme there is moving to an area that is entirely populated by native spaniards. How open is this place to foreigners (it does vary)

Q5: Climate
# The interior of Spain can get unbearably hot in places, and the North west can be rainy, Cadiz and the Canary Isles can be quite windy. Spain also has varying topography with high mountains, desert like areas, forests, canyons. The coast is cooler in summer and warmer in winter

Q6: Modern or Traditional (Tram stops vs Donkey tracks)

Will Says: A modern interior to an older property with character is probably my favourite

The trouble with the newest of the new and the current tech and fashion is that it dates rapidly.

New development or Older Established city / town / village.

There is something stark about moving to an area where everything is new. The pub is new, the shops are new, the streets are new. The foundations and streets have no stories to tell. The history of the location is that it was once an orange orchard and before that the land was used to grow melons is much of romantic backdrop. . The houses might be built in uniform fashion, one plonked next the other. Then again some people like the neatness of uniformity and when it’s done right


Q7: Property Density

Will says: I am convinced that “Organic” human settlements are more conducive to our happiness and sense of romanticism with Spain. The red geraniums growing against a white wall, bright pink buganvilla

The structure of our environment molds us to some degree.


Cheap isn’t always bad

Consider who else lives there. Are property prices cheap because the locals are arseholes who will steal anything that isn’t bolted down and also anything of value that is? Don’t kid yourself that every part of every town in Spain, is a story of local bliss. There are bad areas of towns and cities

Scenic Village

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A1N That means we start our search with everywhere in Spain, so let’s narrow it down

In order to narrow down the selection of possible places.

The first limiting factor is price and then property requirements.

So INCLUDING purchase costs, what is your maximum Budget ?

How many bedrooms ?

How many bathrooms ?

Style of property (Check all that apply):

Proximity to Airport ?

Perhaps even consider which airports fly to where you will want to travel to



Every Estate agent the world of will tell you why the locations where they are offering

Investment vs Permanent Residence vs Semi-permanent vs Holiday Property.

This factor skews everything and

With the correct

Why Spain ? (Separated Article)
Choosing where t

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