Spanish Property 360 Virtual Tours

Technology is set to revolutionise the process of finding the right Spanish property. Before the process meant searching through listings and looking through a gallery of photos, reading the property stats and descriptions. Prior to that it was brochures and some bloke talking. If you found a property that might be interesting the next step was to get on a plane and go and see it. Clients might

Spanish property is afterall what a lot of people aspire to.

Photos don’t tell the whole story and floor plans aren’t a great help

Many estate agents don’t provide floors plans, largely because the time required and difficulty in making them is a costly and inconvenient that doesn’t provide enough of a an advantage. Virtual tours are easier to create and can be produced by a third party.


Don’t just take our word for it. Try it.

There are 3 ways to view a virtual tour:

  1. Browser viewing. Look around the room moving the image with your mouse.
  2. Mobile phone or tablet: As you move the phone the virtual tour shows a different part of the 360 image, enabling the viewer to see the whole room.
  3. Mobile Phone Virtual Tour Viewing: Modern smart phones can be inserted into an inexpensive virtual tour viewer. This gives the viewer the ability to see the virtual tour without real world distractions.


How are 360 virtual tours made?

The estate agent simply takes a 360 camera into the property.

  1. Estate agent puts the camera tripod on the floor
  2. Sets the timer
  3. Walks out of shot
  4. Picks up tripod and walks into the next room.
  5. Repeat

It’s that easy. No expertise is required.

Back at the estate agent’s office

  1. Logins into [domain]
  2. Uploads the photos
  3.  Receives an email with a link to the virtual tour.

The virtual tour is created out of the photos.

Some Clients find floor plan difficult to imagine in 3 dimensions. A virtual tour is vastly superior user experience that making the use to the sum of a floor plan and property photos.

Real estate as an industry has adopted technological changes into it’s marketing over the years. Clients thanks to the web are vastly better informed about properties than before.

Over the last two decades people have bought off-plan properties in Spain in large numbers.


Estate agents


Viewing a property using a virtual tour gives the end user the ability to study

The user is able to look around and get a far better appreciation and feel for the property, second only to viewing the property by physically.

Valuable time of both the estate agent and the client is wasted in viewing unsuitable properties. Virtual tours will make the industry much more efficient by eliminating this wastage.

Properties bought without the buyer having set for in the property make up a very low perecentage of purchases made, but thisis set to increase

Virtual tours aren’t that new, but recent improvements in the technology, software and changing the game.

User demands for being able to

If a picture tells a thousand words, a virtual tour tells the whole story.

Put yourself in the house.

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