Temperature Range

Many older houses on the Spanish Costas have poor thermal insulation and prone to being difficult to heat in Winter and difficult to cool in winter.

The daily temperature range in Spain compared to the UK is much greater. Take today for example the maximum temperature here in Alicante is 22 and it’s expected to drop to 10 tonight a difference of 12 whilst in London they have a maximum daytime temperature of 7 and a minimum of 3. a difference of just 4

Therefore the temperature drop here in Spain is 3 times as much as London. Once the sun goes down here it gets colder faster and the temperature drops by more than the UK.

If your Spanish home isn’t well insulated then the temperature inside your house will drop quickly as well.

City Day maximum Night Minimum Difference
London 10 6 4
Alicante 20 11 9

The average typical temperature range is

The bright sunny winter days in Spain also mean the night temperature will fall faster and further than cloud covered blighty. It’s therefore important to understand the implications.

Things to consider

The orientation of your home. If your home is South facing, the Spanish sun will warm

How to improve your insulation

Acoustic insulation.

Many popular designs of Spanish properties are

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