Collaborating agents

Collaboration between estate agents in Spain is increasingly common. There exist a number of real estate collaboration networks that facilitate collaboration between estate agents. There are essentially two parts to an Estate Agent’s job: Listing a property for sale Finding a buyer Many agents now collaborate recognising that doing so has effects a net increase […]

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Negotiating the price

Negotiating the price of a property may be a daunting prospect for the prospective buyer, but taking on board a few tips should make you better prepared and could save you a considerable sum. Many vendors build in a margin for negotiation when putting their spanish property on sale, since they expect to have to […]

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Purchase costs

It’s important to budget for the associated costs of purchase   IVA or ITP tax if you are buying a new property you will pay IVA (VAT) tax to the c If you are buying a second hand property  there is a tax payable to the aut. The tax rate varies depending on where the […]

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