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Playa del Cura Beach in Torrevieja Town Centre.


Torrevieja Property
Torrevieja is a very popular area for foreign property owners and the town census records residents from all over the world. Torrevieja is synonmous with the Spanish Property boom and increased in size from a population of 25,000 in 1991 to over 85,000 today.  When people refer to Torrevieja, they are often referring to the wider area as it’s the biggest town in the South Costa Blanca area. Many British   buyers choose to buy properties on urbanisations rather than in the town centre.

Property prices vary within the municipality and as you would expect  frontline properties comand the highest price and the neighbourhoods of Los Balcones, Punta Prima and Torreta-Florida.

Torrevieja Estate Agents

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Torrevieja Sports

The town has excellent sports facilities including a football stadium, rugby stadium, Olympic size indoor pool and a magnificent indoor sports centre, running tracks, gymnasiums, ball courts. The town is really making effort to become a premier location for all kinds of sports. In addition to land based sports, the sports marina offers a variety of watersports.





Torrevieja Market

Torrevieja market is held on Friday mornings in the new market area near the sports ventre and water park. Free buses to and from the market area are available from the town centre. At the market you will find lots of stands selling locally produced  fresh fruit and vegetables often at prices well below the supermarket.

Torrevieja Salt Lakes and Sea Shantys– Before tourism, salt production was the main economic activity of the town. Strange as it may sound much of Torrevieja’s salt used to exported to Cuba. The sailors taking the salt to Havana, Cuba (Habana in Spanish), used to sing sea shantys, known as “Habaneros”. Torrevieja still hosts an annual singing competition where choirs come from around the world to compete. The salt lakes in Torrevieja


Autonmous Community: Valencian Community
Province: Alicante
Comarca: La Vega Baja

Population: 83252
Townhall website:
Torrevieja Tourist website:


Map of Torrevieja

Areas within Torrevieja’s Municipal boundaries

La Mata

La Mata
La Mata is a modest sized beach side town to the North of Torrevieja. The town is famous for it's beautiful white sand beach which stretches for kilometres. La Mata is quite seasonal, but It's a great place to relax and enjoy a beer A fruit and vegetable market is held on Wednesdays. La Mata...

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Los Balcones

Los Balcones is a suburb of Torrevieja away from the main town, inland from Punta Prima. Here you will find Torrevieja's award winning hopitsl, Torrevieja Tenis club. There are some exclusive neighbourhoods and luxury properties in this area.

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Punta Prima

Situated at the Southern end of Torrevieja, Punta Prima is a popular tourist area .

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