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Situated at the Southern end of the province of Murcia, Aguilas is a picturesque town with lots of beaches and coves to explore. Toward the end of the 19th Century, Aguilas was a British Colony and some buildings buildings and a cemetry remain. The British brought football with them and Aguilas was one of the first football clubs in the country, but unfortuanately the club disbanded in 2010.




Aguilas Carnival

Aguilas is famous for it’s colourful carnival which is held every February and has been declared a fiesta of International importance.




Aguilas Property
Probably because of it’s distance from International airports, Aguilas remains relatively undiscovered by foreign property buyers.

Nearest Airports
Murcia Corvera: 1 Hour
Almeria Airport: 1 Hour 20 Mins


Autonmous Community: Murcia
Province: Murcia
Comarca: Alto Guadalentín
Population: 34900
Town hall website:


Aguilas Map