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Motril Port – Photo by Lord_SKY from Melilla, España


Motril is a famous for it’s sugar cane production.

The road from Motril to the Alpujarras is spectacular that goes through the pass of “the Moor’s last sigh”, “Puerto del Suspiro del Moro”, named such because this was the route taken by the Moors from the city of Granada, when they were expelled from Spain.

When the Moorish leader, Boabdil lamented at his surrender of Granada to the Christian Armies, his mother is quoted to have said to have scolded him saying,

“You do well to weep like a woman for what you failed to defend like a man.”



Virgen del Carmen

Autonomous Community: Andalucia
Province: Granada
Comarca: Costa Tropical

Population: 61,171 (2009)

Town Hall Website: