5 things to bear in mind

5 things to bear in mind

Shoes on a wire. – You may have seen shoes hanging over a wire before and wondered what it means,  Well, it can signify that drugs are sold in the vicinity. So bear this in mind if you are being shown a property in an area where you see shoes on a wire or a high place.

Urbanistic Infraction – This means that there is a problem with the legality.  If an agent shows you a property with one of these signs outside it. Don’t view the property and choose another agent. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

Bottle bank too close to the property.  It’s not uncommon for bottle banks to be emptied in the early hours of the morning and for them to be filled late at night when restuarants and bars close. When bottle banks are emptied into recycling lorries the process can be extremely noisy and will disturb your sleep.