2021 Spanish Property Market Predictions

Spain is in for a very tough year. The perfect storm of Covid 19 and Brexit will continue to apply alot of downward pressure to property demand on the Spanish Costas. The number of Brits living in Spain will fall dramatically for a number of reasons:

1) Lack of employment – With so many businesses where Brits typically find work being forced to close or operate at a much lower capacity, this will siginifcantly impact employment opportunities,

With the reality of Brexit, whilst many may regard the decision as regretable, dealing with the world as it is, rather than how we would like it to be is pratical and pragmatic.

It’s currently estimated that over 100,000 retired brits are living in Spain. With the average pension

How can Spain hope to recover the Brtish market?

Bilateral working visa agreement

Student visas

Long term non-lucrative visas
The 90 day rule is going to put off a lot of would-be renters and buyers. France is already ahead of the game on this front and British citizens can get reunable one year non

Dual citizenship
Spain already offers dual citizenship to people from certain countries both inside and outside the EU. Those who qualify are able to retain their original passport and obtain a Spanish passport.
The idea of holding a passport Offering dual citizenship to British national

Bilateral Health care agreement with the UK

Online workers
The move to working online has accelerated because of Covid and many businesses have been forced to allow employees to work remotely. The Canary Islands have reacted quickly

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