10 Tips regarding dealing squatting in Spain.

  1. Driconnect services:
  2. Security
  3. Webcams:
  4. Driconnect services: If the property is to be left vacant for a long period have the gas, electricity and water disconnected. A property without services connected is much less attractive to squatters. The company reminds that, as far as possible, it is advisable to have household supplies, such as electricity, water or gas, removed from those homes in which a crime of usurpation can be committed while they find someone empty. waiting for a tenant or a new owner. The objective, according to ANA, is that “the squatters cannot take advantage of supplies registered in the name of the owners.”
  5. Do not allow squatters to pay for supplies. During the squatting of the houses, it is not advisable for the owners, in order to try to reduce costs, to accept offers from the squatters of the type that they pay the community expenses or the supplies of the houses. “This would harm the owners, because said payments would be used later to justify the legitimacy of the usurpation”, argues the Rent Negotiating Agency. A receipt in your name allows the squatter to register in the house, “and that’s where it all ends,” the company insists.
  6. Do not cut off the electricity to squatters. This seems particualrly unfair to property owners but once the illegal tenants have already taken possession of the property, it is important that the owners do not cancel the supplies of the squatted houses, “because they could incur a crime of coercion”.

    However, they can lower the contracted power to the minimum to reduce the amount of the bills.
    Have empty houses. It is always advisable that the properties that are not used are not empty. “Those are the homes that are preferably squatted, and the ones that take the longest to evict the squatters. To have them like this, at least, it is better that they be rented or temporarily transferred to relatives”, highlights the company.
  7. Install an alarm. Have an alarm installed. The entity also advises, whenever possible, to install alarms in homes, “because the immediate communication of the jump to the police would prove the flagrante delicto of the commission of the crime and the police could act without judicial authorization,” explains the company. .
    Alert the police of strange noises. The Rental Negotiating Agency also advises that “the residents of the farms, when detecting strange noises (normally when a door is opened and the lock is unlocked, noises usually occur) notify the police, because in this way they could act quickly and catch ‘ red-handed to the squatters without waiting for judicial authorization”. In this sense, he adds that “it would be very interesting for property administrators to inform their clients of this recommendation, because it would prevent many squats. This could also apply to any witness witnessing an occupation, be it the janitor, the doorman, or any eyewitness.”
  8. Be able to prove that the home is for sale or rent. It is also convenient that the owner can prove the commercialization of the home, either because it is for sale or for rent. “This accreditation could justify the urgency and need for the precautionary eviction measure that is requested with the complaint to the judge,” they clarify from ANA.
  9. Complaint with immediate eviction. The Rental Negotiating Agency gives important advice when denouncing a squat, whether in a habitual residence or in a second residence: “The immediate eviction precautionary measure must be requested, proving the urgency and necessity, so that the courts, the on guard preferably, they can act quickly.”