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Los Arenales del Sol

Los Arenales del Sol


Los Arenales del Sol is a beach resort town situated between Gran Alacant and Alicante City. It comes under the muncipality of Elche. It’s very seasonal and if you are looking to move to the area on a permanent basis it would be advisable to compare it to Gran Alacant, which has much more stable year-round population.

It’s very popular with local Spanish famile, particularly people from Elche. During the summer months the town comes alive with popular beach bars and people relaxing on the beach.

“Los Arenales del Sol” translates as “The Sands of the Sun” and it’s a pretty accurate description, as the main focus of the town is beach tourism.

Conveniently close to Alicante airport and Alicante City, many of the properties enjoy views across Alicante Bay which are beautiful day and night.

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